SMARTICS Plus, The Future-Thinking Goal Achievement Strategy

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A Paul Stretton-Stephens Mini-Course


SMARTICS Plus – The Future Thinking Goal Achievement Strategy


– Create and achieve well-formed goals and with renewed determination.

– Effectively use your thoughts, words, and actions to create your best future.

– Create the mindset to be open to all possibilities and opportunities.

– Overcome any mental blocks and change the way you think about goal-setting for a better future.

“I did achieve my goals and used his methods many times on my challenge.”

Mo O’Brien – TransAtlantic Rower and Double World Record Holder


When was the last time you achieved a goal?

What stopped you from achieving any of your goals?


Research indicates that only 8% of people who make goals ever achieve them. That must mean that the other 92% are doing something wrong? And I know what that something is! So don’t worry if in the past you have been one of the 92% because that’s about to change with SMARTICS Plus!

Most people set out with the good intention of achieving a goal yet they don’t follow a tried and tested system such as SMARTICS Plus. They make notes on napkins, on their phone, and set to trying to achieve their goal. Sometimes they’re huge goals and seemingly unsurmountable while other times their small scale and fairly insignificant. In both of these instances, the impetus to continue to achieve the goals can fizzle out.

Often the resulting attitude is:

‘Goals aren’t worth it, they’re not worth the effort’

‘Goal-setting doesn’t work’

‘Goal-setting isn’t for me’

‘Who am I kidding, it was only a dream anyway’

And when you have made goals in the past, you might have had excuses not to achieve your goals such as:

  • I’ll do it when…
  • I’ll add it to my list for tomorrow.
  • I’m not prepared yet, maybe in six months.
  • This needs to be perfect before I can send it.

“I learned tools that were practical and easy to implement and they have had a profound effect on family and life-work balance.”

Trish Tucker May – Nutrition Coach (Gut Specialist)

A great deal surrounding goal setting and achievement can be attributed to your state of mind and the actions you plan and take. We address these opportunities and a whole lot more in this mini-course.

I developed SMARTICS Plus after many years of teaching goal-setting to literally hundreds of people. I used various techniques and then I saw that a lot of people were trying to apply the principles of SMART goals, a system widely used in business, to their own lives. What I realized was that those using the model of SMART were not following through and achieving their desires. For the individual application of SMART, something was missing. I worked with this insight and over time developed what we now have in SMARTICS Plus, a truly future thinking goal achievement strategy that I’ve been using for quite some time and now you can benefit from this ‘life-changing system too.

Remember, you choose everything, where to be, when to be there, in whose company to be in, what action you take, how you take it, how you react to it, you get to choose if you’ll repeat it, love it, hate it, and whether to suffer or grow from it. 

You choose. So, the lesson is to choose wisely.

Paul Stretton-Stephens – Future Mindset Coach and Future Thinking Strategist


  1. Understand the science behind effective goal-setting and achievement.
  2. Learn and discover ways to focus on your future.
  3. Build your future-thinking skills.
  4. Enhance your self-esteem and competency skills.
  5. Recognise that not everything needs to be perfect to progress.

“I recommend Paul as a coach to anyone; his passion, dedication, creativity, empathy, and drive for results will ensure success to any of his clients’ endeavors.”

Candela de Gasco – Senior Consultant, Group Strategy and Commercial

I’ll guide you step by step providing you with concrete, actionable advice using a tried and tested approach. You will understand how and why goal-setting and achievement are so effective when done properly. I will guide you through the steps that can give you a greater chance of achieving your desired outcomes. I will also help you open your eyes to the possibilities available to you and teach you techniques to harness your desires. Once you have the tools in place and you put in the effort required to create your best future, you’ll never look back. And the beauty of using SMARTICS Plus is, that when you know it works for you, you can use it over and over again!


  • People from all walks of life, even successful people, who want to achieve their goals and dreams.
  • People who want to create a compelling future for themselves, their family, their friends and colleagues, their community, and even society.

This Self-Paced Mini-Course Includes:

✔ Unlimited access

✔ Focus Mode for a distraction-free course experience

✔  Worldwide availability

✔ Easy to understand quality e-learning study materials.

✔ Introduction plus four modules

✔ Five short video lessons

✔ Quiz assessments

✔ Downloadable workbook in A4 and US Paper size

✔ 2 x BONUS Downloadable Template documents

✔  Access to Your Best Future Facebook Group

✔  Audio: English

✔  Certificate of completion

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