Definition of Future Mindset

I am often asked what the definition of Future Mindset is and this post is intended to address that question.


future mindset


  1. An individual’s, group’s, or organisation’s deliberate crafting of a way of thinking that typically shapes their general mental attitudes (or inclinations) and behaviours for the benefit of their futureness. (i.e. quality of existence in the future)

A result of

a) The act of eliminating unproductive, whilst retaining the productive, mental attitudes and behaviours of the past and present, coupled with:

b) the desired selection of newly crafted ways of future-thinking, perspective, mental attitudes, and behaviours.

The empowerment in the process of crafting a future mindset allows for ownership and continued success while vastly diminishing the impact of human resistance to change that is often experienced in other methodologies.

A future mindset is often developed in pursuit of personal or professional futuring.

The collective term for a range of mindsets that may be utilised in a situational context: i.e. growth mindset, strategic mindset etc

Examples of use:

We have to engage the employees in the creation of a future mindset that will motivate them and serve the company well.

The adoption of our future mindset has empowered us to gain forward momentum

After our team won every accolade available the development of a collective future mindset enabled us to continue to succeed albeit in a different manner.

Her futureness, i.e. quality of her existence in the future, was profoundly enriched by the crafting of a future mindset.

His future mindset has allowed him to stretch beyond any of his preconceived limitations.

I hope this clarifies the meaning of Future Mindset and provides some further insight into my work.

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