Getting to Know Me

‘I love working with people to help them be the best they can be.’

Hi, I’m Paul

I’m a passionate leader, teacher, and coach and have been for almost 30 years.  I have worked with a diverse range of people from World Record Holders to Housewives, Epic Adventurers to Sporting Talent, CEOs and Entrepreneurs, and a variety of Leaders in both public and private sectors. And I too have faced, and overcome many challenges in business, life, and sporting endeavour.

After some serious setbacks in my life, I can honestly say that I have learned some immense life lessons. These along with my continuous study of human behaviour have enabled me to understand what it takes to become a resilient, confident, happy, and fulfilled person.

My mission in life is to leave the world a more interesting place for me having been here, and I especially relish working with others who wish for the same; Would that be you?

A little about me…

I’ve been fortunate to have lived in Spain for a total of 11 years and love the country and its people.

I’ve had 8 different occupations and the common threads among them all are education and humans.

I continue to work in my passion of helping others despite having been medically retired twice!

I’ve adapted and drawn upon my reserves of resilience. And I have built it stronger than ever. I have modified and enhanced my state of mind and in doing so I’ve honed my communication and listening skills to another level. And I know you can ‘all’ regardless of position, gender or age, utilise these simple to use proven tools and techniques to change your thinking and your patterns of behaviour. As you set about creating Your Best Future, you’ll be more open to and prepared for new opportunities and possibilities as they come your way.

I am a proud military veteran.

A little more...

My coaching started just after I had left military service where I gained my Civil Service certification as a Physical Education Instructor. This challenging intensive course enabled me to attain the following coaching qualifications:

Amateur Swimming Association Teachers Certificate

British Amateur Weightlifting Association Instructor

British Basketball Association Coach

British Canoe Union Supervisor

English Volleyball Association Coach

Rugby Union Preliminary Coach

British Amateur Gymnastics Coach

Control and Restraints Instructor

Basic Mountaineering Expedition Award Leader

The certification was followed by years of invaluable experience in coaching teams and individuals and copious amounts of continuous professional development.

This was just the start of my coaching journey.

After ten superb years, my role as a Physical Education Instructor came to an abrupt end through a serious injury, and without delay, I returned to education and attained a Higher National Diploma in Business and Marketing, A Degree in Business Management, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training). I also became an NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Coach, and I can honestly say I’ve put everything I’ve learned to good use, even the algebraic equations and the business French.

Since that redirection in life I’ve been: happily married to a wonderful woman who continues to support and encourage me in everything I do, a company director twice, an executive coach, a board member of an international organization, a charitable trustee, a registered university lecturer, a leader in education, and a fiction writer. During which time I’ve taught and coached leadership, management, and public speaking to countless individuals.

I’ve coached many people through life-changing experiences. And as such, I’ve been trusted with insights into the challenges of a range of people including senior leaders, business owners, and world record holders. (It’s heart-warming to know that these elite clients share the same sorts of problems as the rest of us).

I am a Member of the Association for Coaching and as such abide by the code of conduct.

Oh, and if you’re interested, here’s my ‘Alternative Bio’

  • I am NOT, repeat NOT a therapist!
  • Like many people, I get a little vexed when having to repeat the same story to the umpteenth customer service representative about the same issue.
  • I get miffed when parents are wearing sunglasses and their babies/children have NO protection in full sun.
  • I’m as crazy as the person standing next to me in a queue, I know that I’ve got my own hang-ups, I can be emotional, and yet, I’m just a normal guy who has functioned perfectly well, and enjoys life to the full.
  • I am indisputably happy and have been for many years – even after the setbacks that I’ve experienced.
  • I love the beach so much that I live by one
  • Music excites me, especially Gypsy Jazz Guitar.
  • Theatre, specifically musicals take me to another dimension.
  • Sport, especially rugby and kayaking, set my heart pounding.
  • I genuinely love life and people; neither cease to amaze me.
  • I love seeing people succeed


I am just an ordinary guy with a lot of heart and many humanistic traits you’ll recognise and probably share. I also acknowledge that I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes through the years, mistakes that have resulted in lost relationships, missed opportunities, and even a sprinkling of self-pity and doubt as life wasn’t going the way I’d planned it.  

If only I knew then what I know now!

Ring Any Bells?

Anyway, the past is the past and what is important is that we don’t hold to any negativity and learn lessons from these experiences. So, if you’re beating yourself up on the inside, if you have no idea what’s holding you back, if you’re overworking to avoid life, if you’re making excuses, or if you just can’t get to where you want to be, just know that it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when there’s a willing and able helping hand available!

Courses, Challenges & Coaching to help you create Your Best Future

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