Definition of Future Mindset

Definition of Future Mindset

I am often asked what the definition of Future Mindset is and this post is intended to address that question. Definition: future mindset noun  An individual’s, group’s, or organisation’s deliberate crafting of a way of thinking that typically shapes their general mental attitudes (or inclinations) and behaviours for the benefit of their futureness. (i.e. quality … Read More

Mind Spa – Are You Really Looking After Your Mind

Mind Spa – Are You Really Looking After Your Mind and Your Body?

I’m the first to admit that I love visiting spas, I love the massages, the Turkish bath, the sauna, even the dreaded Scottish shower, and the array of treatments on offer. And the flow of multi-directional and varied water pressures on my body is just magical. And finally, I adore the extraordinary calmness and tranquillity … Read More

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